Home Care

Bigstone Health’s home care program is available to Bigstone First Nation members of all ages. Our programs, which are designed around the values dignity and independence, fill the gap between personal/family resources and care needs. From services for pediatric patients to support for families caring for elders, each service we provide allows for maximum independence of the individual while engaging a supportive, community setting. Family involvement in care delivery is encouraged, supported and respected.

Home care programs are provided on a daily to monthly basis depending on the client’s needs and health conditions. Services are provided in the client’s home or at the health center.


The services we provide include:

  • Home visits from RN, LPN, HCAs and Home Makers
  • Foot care
  • Medication management and delivery
  • Personal care
  • Homemaking
  • Provision and delivery of equipment and medical supplies (such as wheelchairs, walkers, etc.) through NIHB
  • Referrals and consultations with physicians, housing, social services, occupational and physiotherapists
  • Monitoring of vital signs
  • Wound care/dressing changes
  • Oxygen management
  • Assisting with feeding tubes
  • Medication administration and education
  • Diabetic education and management
  • Palliative care

Through these services we aim to help people maintain or improve their health and quality of life, assist our clients in remaining as independent as possible, support families coping with a family member’s need for care, and help people stay at or return home knowing they can receive the treatment they need.

Bigstone Home Care