Community Wellness

Our Mission at Bigstone Community Wellness is to provide professional guidance in supporting people on their journey to achieve balance in physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. The program primary focus is Integrated Mental Health & Addictions Counselling as recommendations that were made by Health Canada, as well from Chief and Council in 2010 to move forward in the program. The need to move forward from a referral based service to a more clinical counselling approach.

We strive to provide services that truly meet the needs of our community

Our Services

  • Concurrent Disorders (Mental Health & Addictions Counselling)
  • Individual/Family Counselling
  • Community support groups
  • National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention program
  • referral & advocacy counselling
  • educational groups on Men’s Women’s Substance Abuse Group
  • Men’s & Women’s Traumatic Recovery Support Group
  • Other programs delivered are the Indian Residential School program