Bigstone Cree Nation Update March 26, 2020

  • Medical Update:

As of March 23, 40% of new COVID-19 cases are community spread, this is a major change in that the virus is now being spread by people that have not traveled abroad. We must now assume that the virus is in the community and anyone could be a carrier. Quote from infection control expert “YOU COULD PICK IT UP ANYTIME, FROM ANYBODY”

Non-urgent medical appointments will be postponed, including physicals/check-ups. Visits that are more urgent and require an in-person visit will still be available. If you are uncertain about the need to be seen in person, please call 811

If you think you may have COVID-19, please be aware that we are NOT currently equipped to test for COVID-19 at our clinic’s. Instead, call the Medical Phone Lines for Screening listed below for instructions on how or when to get tested, Bigstone Referral Unit will NOT transport any clients with flu like symptoms, please call 911 if there is an emergency

When COVID-19 reaches the peak period of the virus it is critical that we self-isolate and stay home to protect ourselves and the most vulnerable in our community

Road Monitoring Procedures:

  • Access monitoring station at:

Checkpoint # 1 – South “C” Road – Monitored by BOSS STAFF (Hwy 754)
Checkpoint # 2 – Calling Lake Park Entrance (Hwy 813 towards Athabasca) – Monitored by MD & BCN Staff
Checkpoint # 3 – Township Rd (Hwy 724A towards Alpac Mill/Lac La Biche)

  • No Entry for travelling public (Someone entering to visit family but doesn’t live in the MD/BCN Boundaries).
  • Essential Services, Workers, Supply Trucks etc. (Anyone doing business in the area) will be allowed entry – Strict instructions to go directly to Job Site. Once work is completed, they are to exit the community (Minimum interaction with the community) – Access to Gas and other stores on urgent need only.
  • Family members returning to communities from abroad or high-risk areas will be allowed in but must self-isolate for 14 Days. Failure to do so will result in $2000 Fine.
  • Tracking information sheet:
  • Names of all occupants of the vehicle; License plate number; Destination; Purpose of entry; Contact number
  • Curfew for the public between 8pm – 6am. Subject to $500 Fine.  Essential Services are exempt from curfew