Aboriginal Head Start

The object of the AHSOR is to provide First Nation children with the opportunity to develop their physical, emotional and social needs in a culturally relevant environment.  The program provides the child with a safe, nurturing and enjoyable learning environment that supports their development with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their present environment, in school and in life.

AHSOR program is centred around 6 core components of education, health promotion, culture and language, nutrition, social support and parent/family involvement. The children enrolled in the program will gain opportunity to develop self confidence, a greater desire for learning and an excellent start in their journey towards becoming successful citizens of Bigstone Cree Nation.  The teachings include language and cultural heritage.

The parents, guardians and other family members are the most important teachers in the life of a child. AHSOR program assists the parents and family members learn and improve skills that contribute to a healthy development of a child. It also helps in strengthening family relationships. Parents and their families are encouraged to play an important role in running the AHSOR program. 

Aboriginal Head Start
  • Brenda Alook-Auger , AHSOR Coordinator
  • Wabasca, Alberta
  • PHONE: 780-891-1083
  • FAX: 780-891-1083