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Medical  Transportation / Referral

Medical-TransportationAssist Clients to Medically required Health services, Provide meals and accommodations.

Assistance with medical transportation costs is provided to access health services when those services cannot be accessed within the community of residence and are not covered by any federal/ provincial program. Taking into consideration the most economical and efficient mode of transportation; the client’s current health status, medical transportation/ reimbursement benefits are provided to the client from point-of-pick-up to point-of-return to the nearest appropriate facility as follows:

  • Referral Van
  • Public transportation
  • Taxi
  • Air Medivac/ Air Ambulance
  • Scheduled Chartered Flights
  • Escort/ Interpreter
  • Meals
  • Accommodations

Bigstone Medical Transportation / Referral:
P.O. Box 1050
Wabasca AB, T0G 2K0
Phone: 780-891-3018
Fax: 780-891-3423
Toll Free: 1-800-727-7910

To better serve the community Bigstone Referral offers a shuttle service between: Wabasca, Slave Lake and Edmonton. People interested in using the service are asked to call one day in advance to ride the morning shuttle, or call the morning of to ride the evening shuttle. The cost to use the service is as follows:

Children Ages 0-6 are free to travel, but must be accompanied by a paid adult.

Young Adults (Ages 7-15)

Wabasca to Slave Lake ~ One Way: $12.50 ~ Return Trip: $25.00
Wabasca to Edmonton ~ One Way: $37.50 ~ Return Trip $75.00
Slave Lake to Edmonton ~ One Way: $30.00 ~ Return Trip: $60.00

Adults (16+)

Wabasca to Slave Lake ~ One Way: $25.00 ~ Return Trip: $50.00
Wabasca to Edmonton ~ One Way: $75.00 ~ Return Trip $150.00
Slave Lake to Edmonton ~ One Way: $60.00 ~ Return Trip: $120.00
Calling Lake to Wabasca ~ One Way: $50.00 ~Return Trip: $100.00

Please keep in mind that referral clients will have priority for the seats. Any extra seats available will be on a first come first serve basis.

Payment can be made at the Referral Office located in the professional center next to the Health Commission. Payment can also be made at our Edmonton office. Please call 780-891-3018  or 780-341-2777 to inquire about schedules and seat availability.

Shuttle/Bus departs from Continental Inn (C.I) @ 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM SHARP.

Shuttle/Bus departs from the Wabasca office at 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM SHARP.

Please inform clients to be punctual as bus leaves as per scheduled.

Bigstone Medical Transport now has a van that travels daily between Wabasca and Edmonton Monday to Friday. There are no transportation services Saturday, and only one direct trip on Sundays which the van will be picking up clients at 8:00am ~ to arrive in Edmonton at 12:30 pm.


The schedule is as follows:


Edmonton to Fawcett Schedule

8am-5pm ~ 

8:30am        Pick up

9:00am        Depart Edmonton

10:30am      Arrival at Husky

10:45am      Departure

12:15pm      Arrival at Edmonton

12:45pm     Drop offs

12pm-9pm ~ 

3:30pm     Pick up

4:00pm      Depart Edmonton

5:30pm     Arrival at Husky

5:45pm      Departure

7:15pm      Arrival at Edmonton

7:45pm      Drop Offs


Wabasca to Fawcett Schedule

8am-5pm ~

7:00 am       Pick up

8:00am      Depart Wabasca

10:30am     Arrival at Husky

10:45am     Departure

1:15pm       Arrival at Wabasca

2:00pm     Drop Offs

1pm-10pm ~ 

2:00pm      Pick Up

3:00pm      Depart Wabasca

5:30pm      Arrival at Husky

5:45pm      Departure

8:15pm      Arrival at Wabasca

9:00pm     Drop Offs


Bigstone Medical Transportation service requires all patrons to call before hand to either, enter or update your information in our system. Patrons are also urged to call as soon as you have an out of town appointment, arrangements can not be made without a minimum of 3 days prior notice to your appointment.

To make arrangements please call: 780-891-3018

  • Podiatry Services (Foot Doctor)
    Bigstone Referral only provides transportation to approved provider services. This does not include podiatry. This is a service that is covered by Alberta Health Services for up to $200.50 per year,Alberta Health Services is the only region in Canada that provides partial coverage; no other region is covered for podiatry services it is the responsibility of the client to pay for such services.
  • Non-health or non-medical benefits such as travel to funeral; compassionate; pick-up/drop off of prescriptions; court-ordered treatment/ assessment, etc.
  • Distant medical facility other than to the nearest facility
  • Medical services that are not listed with Bigstone NIHB
  • Client who self-discharged
  • Travel and related benefits (e.g., meals and accommodation, ambulance) where they are the responsibility of another party or provided as an insured service. Benefit(s) that are/ can be covered by another insurance plan i.e. Motor Vehicle Accidents including ATVs
  • Incarcerated client appointments
  • Out of country appointments
  • Second opinion appointments
  • Provincial/ Federal funded benefits
  • By appointment with a licensed general practitioner
  • By referral to a specialist
  • By appointment/ referral to an approved Medical/ Health facility